The market takes place on Mondays, including Bank Holidays. The market  consists of 8ft x 6ft stalls with 4ft  table tops complete with boards and covers. There are a few pitches also available. Casual traders are welcome but advance booking is recommended. The rent is £31,25 (inc VAT) per stall/pitch. A trader can apply for a license but has to trade for a period of time to satisfy all requirements of a regular trader. Once a license is granted, a trader pays for 48 weeks a year on a monthly basis. (4 weeks) Before trading, a trader must show he/she has a minimum of £5m Public Liability Insurance and, where applicable, Employee Insurance. This can be obtained through private companies or through the NMTF via membership.


Since 1981 Epping Town has been officially twinned with Eppingen, Germany. Strong links exist between the two towns and cultural, educational and business links are promoted through the Epping/Eppingen Association.   

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Parking is via the two car parks behind the market. One is a long stay, the other a short stay car park which is dearer and has limited parking time compared to the other. Both have a “cut through” to the market so ease of access is assured.

Like at lot of markets the tough economic times have affected all forms of trading. Epping market, although affected has still got a strong local following along with many customers from far and wide which still makes this a vibrant place to work.

The overall “feeling” of this market is one of friendliness and great comradery between traders and customers alike. This helps to maintain good sales every week with a good spread of regular customers returning for the “Epping Market Experience”.

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